Social Media Creates Unprecedented Advertising Methods

A new form of direct advertising has been created through social media.  Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have made it possible for advertisers to create content that meets the needs of their demographics, thus making it possible to effectively advertise over the web.

Advertisers are providing engaging and interactive content over social media sites to capture people’s attention and drive them into action.  Social media has made it possible for companies to create one-on-one conversations about products and services, formulate low-cost direct marketing strategies and enhance the perception of brand images by directly communicating with the public.

Consumers are constantly searching through social media for recommendations and reviews of products and services.  Companies can directly communicate with consumers via their social media pages, providing on-the-spot information and compelling messages that drive consumers to make the purchase.  Companies have used Twitter as a way to exchange knowledge with followers, and to create personal connections through @ replies and re-tweets.  Likewise, Facebook allows consumers the opportunity to direct-advertising-4-300x264post directly on the company’s website.

The company can reply to the consumer through their personal Facebook page, providing timely and honest information catered to the consumers needs.  Directly contacting consumers through social media sites creates personal relationships between companies and the public, allowing businesses to create messages and direct advertisements that are trusted and valued by consumers world-wide.

The web provides low cost options for direct advertising through the collaborative nature of social media.   Consumers seek to connect with people of the same interests.  Therefore, people in specific demographics create groups and forums on social media sites to share their thoughts and reviews of products and services.  These groups can be targeted by direct advertisers, cutting out the cost of focus groups, surveys and research.  Companies no longer have to go to extreme lengths to find their target consumers for direct advertising because consumers have already sorted themselves into interest groups all over social media.

Social media marketing can be used to increase exposure of brand images and to distribute messages and advertisements to the masses. Syndication sites provide opportunities for messages to be dispersed among large audiences, adopting the interactive and direct nature of the original advertising message. Syndicating advertising messages to various social
media sites creates a pyramid effect- the message reaches the masses through a line of websites and postings.  However, it still provides the direct business-to-consumer message and continues making personal relationships.  By providing a consistent message and brand image through the various social media sites, businesses gain a reputation of being a company that cares about their consumers.

Social media has changed the nature of direct advertising; no longer do marketing messages need to have content.  Rather, the companies are the content that convinces audiences to buy products and services.  By generating trust within the community and creating personal relationships, companies gain value that is unprecedented by other marketing efforts.



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