After a late night out in DC, drag yourself in on Sunday to the POV’s Hangover Washington Bellini Brunch at the POV restaurant’s rooftop terrace at the W Hotel. Waking up to a gourmet buffet brunch and phenomenal views of some of DC’s landmarks, including the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Capital Building are the perfect way to kick off your Sunday afternoon. The view truly blew my mind. You are so close to the White House you can even spot the security positioned on top of the building’s roof. When I walked in I was instantly greeted by wonderful Renee Egan, who walked me around the restaurant and immediately put a drink in my hand. Take your pick: sit on zebra-print stools along the bar for a better view of the fine food creations, or lounge outside on the black-and-white balcony couches spaced around St. Laurent stone tables, surrounded by impressive black walls and ceiling-high windows. With this $39 prefix menu, you can tap your feet to the jazz beats of the DJ as you sip unlimited amounts of the restaurant’s signature drinks- the Bloody Mary, adorned with a crab claw, or the delightful peach Bellini – and indulge yourself in an assortment of as many of their mouth-watering macaroons as you would like. Although my stay at the brunch had to be cut short and I did not have the chance to eat anything else but the delicious macaroons, the restaurant’s spread of shell fish, mixed fruit, smoked salmon, sushi and mini muffins, among other eye-pleasing foods, looked good enough to make the POV’s Hangover Washington Bellini Brunch among one of the top things to revisit when I return to DC.