Share events and track participants with SocialMeety

A group of Brazilian developers and entrepreneurs is working on a new web service that will leverage social media’s power to help event organizers promote events and keep track of event participants.

SocialMeety is a platform intended to help people promote events and track participants in the most used social networks,” Thiago Esteves says, one of the developers.

Unlike other tracking services SocialMeety will focus on events, which gives event planners an ability to measure social media’s influence on event attendance. Being able to measure it will help determine the future marketing strategy by focusing on social networks that provide highest marketing opportunities.

Each event will have a “Going?” button, for those who will be SocialMeety users. However, SocialMeety will crawl through Twitter to identify

potential participants that did not use “Going?” button. Anyone tweeting about your event with Twitter hashtag #going will be marked as an event participant, Esteves says. They are looking into searching through other social networks, but they are not sure this will be available in the first release.

“Easy event sharing system that uses a tags concept, a ‘friends’ concept and an email notification feature to help people stay tuned about the events that most interest them,” are few other features you can expect to see on SocialMeety, says Esteves.

To help visitors remember where and when your event takes place SocialMeety will offer easy integration with popular calendars, including iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and other.

Event planners should always be on a lookout for services that help them use social media more effectively, especially when they offer metrics about their participants, “how many social networks the participant uses, what is participant’s influence in Twitter and other networks.”

The first version of SocialMeety is scheduled to be available by February 2011. You can subscribe to an email alert to be notified when it happens on

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Author: Viktor Nagornyy


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