By now, I think everyone has heard of Facebook. If you are not connected on Facebook, then you at least know one of the 400 million people who are, whether it is your friends, your mom, or the guy who works at the deli down the street.

Facebook has changed our lives and has changed the game for business marketing. This social network has created new competition and has pushed businesses to make Facebook a staple in their social media strategies. This is why having a presence on Facebook as a business is extremely important, and any marketer for a business who does not create that online presence will probably not last long in that position.

Creating a presence, however, does not just entail creating an account with Facebook, or any other social network, for that matter. Creating presence means making your Facebook page impactful and relevant. Trust me, spending the time and resources on your Facebook page will make all the difference. Upload pictures and logos and fill in your bio and other key information about your company. Facebook also makes it fairly easy to target your ideal audience. Add friends you know, add their friends, add friends of other businesses. Search through the numerous groups on Facebook to network with your target audience, and even create a group for your own business. Create a Facebook badge to share your information with other websites and link friends to your company’s website, and use Facebook events to save the money on printing flyers or mailers by advertising your event over the Internet. If you are willing to put in the extra effort (which again, could make all the difference), then set up accounts on other social networking sites and share links to these pages on your Facebook.

All in all, a little extra time and effort always pays off. Develop your Facebook page into something eye-catching and attention grabbing. Get more people interested in and aware of your Facebook page and I promise you will see greater results.