How Well Do You Know Your Facebook Friends? Facebook App Review

As someone who frequently uses social media for gaming, I was thrilled to be one of the first people to test the new game Face-Off. Face-Off, like the popular Words With Friends and Draw Something, is a new free application you can play with your Facebook friends.
Face-Off is the modern day version of the classic board game Guess Who? Watch the trailer here.

Like the board game, you pick from a pile of cards. These cards aren’t of random characters but of your actual Facebook friends. You have the option of choosing mutual friends with the person your playing against, you can choose from their friends, or you can even have the game chose the selection for you by selecting the random button.

Once you and your challenger pick your person, you ask yes or no questions back and forth to each other trying to narrow down which possible Facebook friend your competition picked. Asking the questions is extremely simple. You just type it in as if you were texting. Answering the questions is just as easy; you just type yes, no or I don’t know back.

Asking good questions is a little bit harder. In the board game, if you asked if it was a girl and the answer was yes, you eliminated 95% of the candidates. This is clearly not the case when it comes to your facbeook friends. This makes the game more fun and interesting, as you have to be creative to which questions to ask.

This really made the game fun for my friend and me. Simple questions like hair color and eye color were clearly not going to cut it. I found myself asking things like “Is he always drinking?” “Did I kiss him in high school?” “Is he a nerd?”

To eliminate people from the pool of choices you just tap their picture and they disappear. Once you think you have the correct answer you just hold their picture down to guess. I of course defeated my friend. And a big congratulations popped up on screen and gave me the option to post this on Twitter and Facebook.

One aspect that I really love about Face-Off is the fact that you can unlock achievements, which really gives the game an addictive quality because you just want to keep unlocking them! The one thing that I really didn’t like, but like most social media games are the ads that interrupt game play. But this can simply be fixed by purchasing the ad blocker for a dollar. Another cool feature is that they offer additional card packs for $1.

Overall, it was a really fun game. Taking a classic board game and giving it a super modern edgy twist. I found myself playing it for hours and laughing myself silly. I really recommend downloading it by clicking here. Or use the QR code.


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