Facebook Questions

Got questions? Well, Facebook will now have answers.

After testing a new feature that enables users to ask questions to the entire Facebook community, the social networking site has finally launched its final product, Facebook Questions.

With this new feature, the company will provide “ask question” as a new feature in the status box at the top of all users’ home pages as well as in the search box. This way, your questions will appear to all of Facebook’s members, and can be answered by anybody.

Remember the days when askjeeves was a main online source for questions and answers? Well, no longer. With the launch of its new feature, Facebook will now be thrust into the online question and answer market. Of course, at the release of Facebook Questions, the company will face competition from more established question and answer sites, like Yahoo Answers and Answer.com’s Wiki Answers, but I speculate that Facebook’s overall popularity will give Facebook Questions visibility and a good start.

Moreover, the new Facebook application differs from other question and answer sites in that Facebook Questions will allow users to attach photos and polls to their questions. Users will also be able to tag questions with keywords or general topics, like “cooking.” Then, the social network will direct the question to users who have that general topic listed as an interest, giving them the opportunity to provide a quality answer.

Facebook has not announced a release date for the feature, but Facebook’s Blake Ross says that for now Questions will be available only to a “limited number of people” but the company is “aiming to bring this product to all of you as quickly as we can.”


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